The Complete Book of Scriptwriting

Title : The Complete Book of Scriptwriting
Author : J Michael Straczynski
Publisher : Writer's Digest Books
ISBN 13 : 1582971587
Date : 2002-07-01

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An experienced scriptwriter and producer explains how to write and sell plays for television, radio, motion pictures, animated features, and the stage and surveys the characteristics and requirements of each medium. Original.

The Complete Book of Scriptwriting

Title : The Complete Book of Scriptwriting
Author : J. Michael Straczynski
Publisher : Titan Books (UK)
ISBN 13 : 1852868821
Date : 1997

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J. Michael Straczynski, writer/producer of Murder, She Wrote and xreator of Babylon 5 teaches scriptwriters how to write and sell work for television, movies, animation, radio and the theatre. Straczynski covers each medium in depth. He reveals facts, tells stories and offers observations from the vantage point of a career in the business.

The complete book of scriptwriting

Title : The complete book of scriptwriting
Author : J. Michael Straczynski
Publisher : Writers Digest Books
ISBN 13 : UOM:49015002950682
Date : 1982-04

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Explains how to write and sell plays for television, radio, motion pictures, and the stage and surveys the characteristics and requirements of each medium

Save the Cat

Title : Save the Cat
Author : Blake Snyder
Publisher : Michael Wiese Productions
ISBN 13 : 9781615930005
Date : 2005-05

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This ultimate insider's guide reveals the secrets that none dare admit, told by a show biz veteran who's proven that you can sell your script if you can save the cat!

The complete guide to standard script formats

Title : The complete guide to standard script formats
Author : Hillis R. Cole
Publisher : Cmc Pub
ISBN 13 : 0929583000
Date : 2002

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Important as it is that there be a script, equally important is the necessity for that script to be written in the correct standard format appropriate for a given filming situation. This book gives step-by-step instructions on how to prepare your script in the standard format used in the industry.

Writing Movies

Title : Writing Movies
Author : Gotham Writers Workshop
Publisher : Bloomsbury Publishing USA
ISBN 13 : 1596919833
Date : 2008-12-19

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To break into the screenwriting game, you need a screenplay that is not just good, but great. Superlative. Stellar. In Writing Movies you'll find everything you need to know to reach this level. And, like the very best teachers, Writing Movies is always practical, accessible, and entertaining. The book provides a comprehensive look at screenwriting, covering all the fundamentals (plot, character, scenes, dialogue, etc.) and such crucial-but seldom discussed-topics as description, voice, tone, and theme. These concepts are illustrated through analysis of five brilliant screenplays-Die Hard, Thelma & Louise, Tootsie, Sideways, and The Shawshank Redemption. Also included are writing assignments and step-by-step tasks that take writers from rough idea to polished screenplay. Written by Gotham Writers' Workshop expert instructors, Writing Movies offers the same winning style and clarity of presentation that have made a success of Gotham's previous book Writing Fiction, which is now in its 7th printing. Named the "best class for screenwriters" in New York City by MovieMaker Magazine, Gotham Writers' Workshop is America's leading private creative writing school, offering classes in Manhattan and on the Web at The school's interactive online classes, selected as "Best of the Web" by Forbes, have attracted thousands of aspiring writers from across the United States and more than sixty countries.


Title : Screenplay
Author : Syd Field
Publisher : Delta
ISBN 13 : 9780307423269
Date : 2007-12-18

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From concept to character, from opening scene to finished script.. Here are easily understood guidelines to make film-writing accessible to novices and to help practiced writers improve their scripts. Syd Field pinpoints the structural and stylistic elements essential to every good screenplay. He presents a step-by-step, comprehensive technique for writing the script that will succeed. •Why are the first ten pages of your script crucially important? •How do you collaborate successfully with someone else? •How do you adapt a novel, a play, or an article into a screenplay? •How do you market your script? From the Trade Paperback edition.

The Screenwriter s Bible

Title : The Screenwriter s Bible
Author : David Trottier
Publisher :
ISBN 13 : 1935247026
Date : 2010

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The "Screenwriter's Bible" is one of the most popular, authoritative, and useful books on screenwriting. A standard by which other screenwriting books are measured, it has sold 150,000 copies in its ten-year life. Always up-to-date and reliable, it contains everything that both the budding and working screenwriter need under one cover -- six books in one! Features: How to Write a Screenplay -- a concise course on screenwriting basics; Correct Format for Screenplays and Teleplays -- a style guide to the latest in industry-accepted formats; Steps to a Stunning Script -- a step-by-step guide to the screenwriting process from nascent idea through revisions; Writing Your Breakthrough Spec Script -- the keys to a marketable script; How to Sell Your Script -- marketing and sales strategies and information about today's marketplaces; Resources -- lists of industry contacts and useful screenwriting tools and services. This new edition offers expanded coverage of dialogue writing and character development, the latest in proper screenplay format, a new section on jumpstarting your career, new advice on creating and delivering pitches, more new successful writing tips and pointers, new and revised writing exercises, updated film examples, and an expanded index.

Writing Screenplays That Sell

Title : Writing Screenplays That Sell
Author : Michael Hauge
Publisher : Harper Collins
ISBN 13 : 9780062725004
Date : 1991-08-16

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Covers story concept, character development, theme, structure, and scenes, analyzes a sample screenplay, and tells how to submit a manuscript, select an agent, and market oneself

The Hollywood Standard

Title : The Hollywood Standard
Author : Christopher Riley
Publisher : Michael Wiese Productions
ISBN 13 : 9781615930043
Date : 2009-08-01

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The Hollywood Standard describes in clear, vivid prose and hundreds of examples how to format every element of a screenplay or television script. A reference for everyone who writes for the screen, from the novice to the veteran, this is the dictionary of script format, with instructions for formatting everything from the simplest master scene heading to the most complex and challenging musical underwater dream sequence. This new edition includes a quick start guide, plus new chapters on avoiding a dozen deadly formatting mistakes, clarifying the difference between a spec script and production script, and mastering the vital art of proofreading. For the first time, readers will find instructions for formatting instant messages, text messages, email exchanges and caller ID.