A Step Away from Paradise

Title : A Step Away from Paradise
Author : Thomas K. Shor
Publisher : Penguin Books India
ISBN 13 : 9780143415466
Date : 2011

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Thomas K. Shor has been writing in one form or another for most of his life. You can find so many inspiration from A Step Away from Paradise also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full A Step Away from Paradise book for free.

A Step Away From Paradise

Title : A Step Away From Paradise
Author : K Shor Thomas
Publisher : Penguin UK
ISBN 13 : 9788184754728
Date : 2011-01-01

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A Step Away from Paradise tells the story of Tibet’s Tulshuk Lingpa; a visionary lama who in 1962 launched an expedition to what he and his followers believed to be the land of immortality described in twelfth-century Tibetan tradition. With over 300 disciples; he ventured up a remote Himalayan mountain at the Nepal-Sikkim border in order to ‘open the way’ to a hidden land of plenty found on no map. Fifty years later; Thomas K. Shor tracks down the surviving members of this visionary expedition and entwines their remarkable stories of faith and adventure with his own quest to discover the reality of this land known as Beyul. What emerges is a breathtaking story alive with possibility; bringing the reader as close to the Hidden Land as a book possibly can. As the astounding account unfolds; the reader is sure to repeat the question constantly raised by the author in his interviews: And then what happened? The story recalls and evokes one of humanity's oldest aspirations—that of finding a stairway to paradise

A Beginner s Guide to Paradise

Title : A Beginner s Guide to Paradise
Author : Alex Sheshunoff
Publisher : New American Library
ISBN 13 : 9780451475862
Date : 2015-09-01

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"From the author of a lot of emails and several Facebook posts, a laugh-out-loud, true story of how a quarter-life crisis led to adventure, freedom, and love on a tiny island in the Pacific. In his mid-twenties, Alex Sheshunoff had his own internet start-up and had made national news. But he was also burned-out. So he bought a one-way ticket to the island of Yap, giving up everything he was supposed to want in search of all the things he never knew he needed. Along the way, he answered some important questions and some less essential ones too, such as: 1. How much, per pound, should you expect to pay a priest to fly you to the outer islands of Yap? 2. If you could have just one movie on a remote Pacific island, what would it definitely not be? 3. How do you blend fruity drinks without a blender? 4. Is a free one-hour class from Home Depot on 'flower box construction' sufficient training to build a house? While in the Pacific, Alex learned a lot. About making big choices and big changes. About the parts of Paradise that don't make it into the brochures. About the locals and expats he encountered, offended, and befriended. And, most of all, about focusing on what you actually care about. Now Alex shares his incredible story in a book that will surprise you, make you laugh, take you to such unforgettable islands as Angaur and Pig, and perhaps inspire you to find your own little place in the sun"--

Death in Paradise

Title : Death in Paradise
Author : Robert B. Parker
Publisher : Oldcastle Books
ISBN 13 : 9781843442226
Date : 2013-06-28

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The Paradise Men's Softball League has wrapped up another game, and Jesse Stone is lingering in the parking lot with his teammates, drinking beer, swapping stories of double plays and beautiful women in the late-summer twilight. But then a frightened voice calls out to him from the edge of a nearby lake. There, two men squat at the water's edge. In front of them, facedown, was something that used to be a girl. The local cops haven't seen anything like this, but Jesse's L.A. past has made him all too familiar with floaters. This girl hadn't committed suicide; she hadn't been drowned: she'd been shot and dumped, discarded like trash. Before long it becomes clear that she had a taste for the wild life; and her own parents can't be bothered to report her missing, or even admit that she once was a child of theirs. All Jesse has to go on is a young man's school ring on a gold chain, and a hunch or two.

Paradise Lodge

Title : Paradise Lodge
Author : Nina Stibbe
Publisher : Penguin UK
ISBN 13 : 9780241974933
Date : 2016-06-02

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This is the story of Lizzie Vogel, a 15 year old girl who finds herself working in an old people's home in Leicestershire in the 1970s. The place is in chaos and it's not really a suitable job for a schoolgirl: she'd only gone for the job because she wanted a new phase and it seemed too exhausting to commit to being a full-time girlfriend or a punk. Lizzie has some knowledge of old people (they're not suited to granary bread, and you mustn't compare them to toddlers) but she doesn't know there's a right way to get someone out of the bath, or what to do when someone dies. When a rival old people's home with better parking and daily chairobics threatens to take all their patients, Paradise Lodge's cast of staff and helpers, from the assertively shy Nurse who only communicates through little grunts to the son of the Chinese takeaway manager who's renowned for his erotic handholding techniques, have to come together to save the home before it's too late. From the bestselling author of Love, Nina comes a story of being very young, and very old, and the laughter, and the tears, in between.

A Step from Heaven

Title : A Step from Heaven
Author : An Na
Publisher : Simon and Schuster
ISBN 13 : 9781481442367
Date : 2016-07-26

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From master storyteller An Na comes the Printz Award–winning novel about a Korean girl who tells her firsthand account of trying to find her place and identity in America from the day she leaves Korea as a child to her rocky journey through the teenage years. At age four, Young Ju moves with her parents from Korea to Southern California. She has always imagined America would be like heaven: easy, blissful, and full of riches. But when her family arrives, she finds it to be the opposite. With a stubborn language barrier and cultural dissimilarities, not only is it impossible to make friends, but even her family’s internal bonds are wavering. Her parents’ finances are strained, yet her father’s stomach is full of booze. As Young Ju’s once solid and reliable family starts tearing apart, her younger brother begins to gain more freedom and respect simply because of his gender. Young Ju begins to lose all hope in the dream she once held—the heaven she longs for. Even as she begins to finally fit in, a cataclysmic family event will change her idea of heaven forever. But it also helps her to recognize the strength she holds, and envision the future she desires, and deserves.

My Father s Paradise

Title : My Father s Paradise
Author : Ariel Sabar
Publisher : Algonquin Books
ISBN 13 : 9781565129962
Date : 2009-10-13

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In a remote corner of the world, forgotten for nearly three thousand years, lived an enclave of Kurdish Jews so isolated that they still spoke Aramaic, the language of Jesus. Mostly illiterate, they were self-made mystics and gifted storytellers and humble peddlers who dwelt in harmony with their Muslim and Christian neighbors in the mountains of northern Iraq. To these descendants of the Lost Tribes of Israel, Yona Sabar was born. Yona's son Ariel grew up in Los Angeles, where Yona had become an esteemed professor, dedicating his career to preserving his people’s traditions. Ariel wanted nothing to do with his father’s strange immigrant heritage—until he had a son of his own. Ariel Sabar brings to life the ancient town of Zakho, discovering his family’s place in the sweeping saga of Middle-Eastern history. This powerful book is an improbable story of tolerance and hope set in what today is the very center of the world’s attention.

This Side of Paradise

Title : This Side of Paradise
Author : F. Scott Fitzgerald
Publisher : Cambridge University Press
ISBN 13 : 0521402344
Date : 1995

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Fitzgerald's first novel in the authoritative Cambridge edition, now available as a paperback.

Children of Paradise

Title : Children of Paradise
Author :
Publisher : IFF Advisors, LLC
ISBN 13 : 9780976994800
Date : 2005-06-01

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A comprehensive parenting guide for financially advantaged families. This fresh and updated book offers a clear nine-step program for affluent parents to improve their skills and inspire healthy values in their children. You will learn: How to make the time with your children count. How to motivate your children to develop confidence and competence essential elements of self-esteem. How to listen effectively to your children. How to talk openly and honestly with your children. When to say no and when to create boundaries for your children. How to teach your children the value of money and to prepare them for the responsibilities of wealth. How to create an effective disciplinary plan when problems arise. You will benefit from Dr. Hausners four decades of experience, and you will especially appreciate the humor, clarity, and practical suggestions that will make the challenges of your parenting easier and more effective.

Gates of Paradise

Title : Gates of Paradise
Author : V.C. Andrews
Publisher : Simon and Schuster
ISBN 13 : 1439187762
Date : 2009-11-24

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Stunned by tragedy, desperate and alone, Heaven's daughter clung to the frailest of dreams! The car crash that killed Heaven and Logan left Annie Casteel Stonewall orphaned and crippled. Whisked off to Farthinggale Manor by the possessive Tony Tatterton, Annie pines for her lost family, but especially for Luke, her half-brother. Friend of her childhood, her fantasy prince, her loving confidante...without the warm glow of Luke's love, she is lost in the shadows of despair. When Annie discovers Troy's cottage hidden in Farthinggale's woods, the mystery of her past deepens. And even as she yearns to see Luke again, her hopes and dreams are darkened by the sinister Casteel spell...treacherous, powerful and evil!